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Indonesian Document Translator

I can help you to translate any document from English to Indonesia or Japanese to Indonesia also vice versa.
The cost of translator is based on the document’s word count for Indonesian/English source and Japanese characters count for Japanese source.
Since I’m in Japan, my cost is using yen currency.

  • Indonesian to Japanese: 15 yen/word (minimum order 200 words)
  • Japanese to Indonesia: 6 yen/characters (minimum order 400 Japanese characters)

*words/characters count is based on source document.

Indonesian Document Proof Reading

If you have Indonesian document which has translated from Japanese or English also vice versa, but not sure about the quality of translation is right or not, I’ll help you to check or proof read the document.
The proof reading cost is below.

  • Indonesian source that translated to Japanese document proof read: 7 yen/word (minimum order 200 words)
  • Japanese source that translated to Indonesian document proof read: 3 yen/character (minimum order 400 Japanese Characters)
  • English source that translated to Indonesian document proof read: 2 yen/word (minimum order 200 words)

Japanese to Indonesian Interpreter

I can become Japanese to Indonesia interpreter or vice versa for  helping you when overseas working, traveling, etc.

  • Japanese to Indonesia interpreter: 5000 yen/hour

*exclude travel expanses and meal allowance

The cost that mention above, all are customizable based on your situation. Please contact me for the details.